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Guide to TheTrendReader for new subscribers

We usually publish two Market Comments every month. The length of the comment differs, based on market behaviour. We present our insights and analysis in a simple and "to the point" way; we do not write just for the sake of filling pages. We focus only on the essential things you need to know to make profitable investment decisions.

Information is delivered on the website. We send a personal e-mail to each subscriber whenever there is a new posting.

All of our open and closed positions are posted in the tables at the top of the "Members Area". The tables are updated as market conditions dictate.


Here is how to read them:


CURRENT BUY RECOMMENDATIONS table deals with positions that are still "open" (unrealized gains/losses).  Please check the "% to Target" column to initiate new purchases or set sights for existing positions.  Check also the "% to Reversal Signal" column to see the inherent risks. Please note that the "Reversal Levels" are for closing, not intra-day prices and a move of a few cents below a Reversal Level will not trigger a removal.


N.B. We may close out a position even before a target or reversal level is reached, if deteriorating technical conditions warrant such a move. At the same time, we may retain a position if we consider the change temporary. An email will notify you of all such events.


The next two tables relate to recommendations made since the start of publication. The "CLOSED OUT BUY RECOMMENDATIONS" deals with realized gains/losses of previous "buy" recommendations, and the "CLOSED OUT SELL RECOMMENDATIONS" deals with realized gains/losses of previous "sell" recommendations.


Statistics at the end of each of these tables show positive/negative results, the relevant "success ratio," average gains, and best performances.


Finally, please note that we receive a substantial number of e-mails daily from our subscribers. We read all of them; but unfortunately we are not able to answer them all. We also cannot answer your questions about specific stocks. However, we welcome all comments, positive as well as negative.

We trust you will enjoy our service.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I forgot my username and password.

If you have forgotten your username or password please go to Forgot Password section, enter your email account that you provided our subscription department with and your username and password will be emailed to you.


Can I change the assigned password?

Yes, you can. Please log in to the member’s area and on the menu you will find a link "Member Profile." Type in your new password and use it right away.


I cannot log in.

Please make sure you have typed your user ID and password correctly. Make sure you don’t have Caps Lock on.


What is your privacy policy?

TheTrendReader will never give your personally identifiable private information to other companies, organizations or individuals unless specifically authorized by you to do so. Period.


What is your publishing schedule?

We publish our newsletter every two weeks. In between newsletters, we publish market updates and numerous stock reports. We also write articles, educational materials on irregular basis.


How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription please log onto the website, go to Profile => Services, select the service(s) you wish to cancel, and click on the CANCEL SELECTED SERVICES button.


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