Professional Organizations:

Canadian Society of Technical Analysts - an organization for all Canadian technicians; a new, very useful website with links, job board and contacts. CSTA has its own newsletter and organizes many interesting conferences with top technical analysts in North America. CSTA also has a School of Technical Analysis where candidates for CMT designation can get help and much more.

Market Technicians Association - a non-profit professional organization; a "must" for anyone interested in technical market analysis. The MTA offers great value for its members and affiliates: newsletters, a very active mailing list (direct contact with the best technicians in the world on a daily basis), numerous specialized committees, prestigious CMT (Chartered Market Technician) designation and much more.

International Federation of Technical Analysts - a federation of member societies from around the globe.

Technical Securities Analysts Association of San Francisco – the oldest technical association in North America.

The Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR) - an international nonprofit organization that organizes and manages Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) examinations. 

Canadian Securities Institute provides investment education, offers professional designations like Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) or Derivatives Markets Specialist (DMS); also offers many courses with the most popular Canadian Securities Course.

T.A.’s web sites and charting services: – highly recommended charting service offering a lot of interesting and useful tools like market carpet, public charts, historical charts, point and figure, and market summary, to name a few. It also offers a pay service called EXTRA which allows you to access your charts from anywhere. – charting service, especially useful for long-term charts.

Charting software:

Equis International – MetaStock Software – the maker of MetaStock - charting software I use. It works well for me, as I am most interested in intermediate- to long-term analysis. Easy to use and I recommend it for everyone who values simplicity. Good software for both beginners and professionals. Excellent value.

Omega Research - Trading Software – premier software for professional traders who trade more frequently. Highly recommended.

Market Analysis and Education:

Phases & Cycles Inc.An independent research organization specializing in Canadian and U.S. securities.

Tech Talk - comments on markets, commodities, sectors and stocks by Don Viaolux - one of the best Canadian technicians around. It is really worth visiting his website and it is all free!  

Lowry’s Reports Inc – an investment advisory firm (technically oriented); the oldest in existence within the United States. Known for its unique formula measuring the forces of supply and demand – the Buying Power Index and Selling Pressure Index. Paul Desmond, president, was the very first recipient of MTA’s annual award.

Richard Russell’s Dow Theory Letters – an analyst who spent nearly half a century analyzing the Dow Jones industrial average, a true follower and master of the Dow Theory. There are some nice articles on the website for free.

Crosscurrents – market analysis by Alan M. Newman, a very interesting and in-depth work; highly contrary analysis; informative charts.

Phantom’s Gift – an extremely interesting website; anonymous trader writes a book about the art of trading; excellent observations and great insights - highly recommended for all those interested in trading.

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Doctors Without Borders - the world's leading independent international medical relief organization. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate. 

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